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Welcome to SFMMG

San Francisco Multi Specialty • Medical Group  |  Full Spectrum Care

SFMMG provides appropriate, comprehensive and timely treatment in one place. Patients are treated by multi–disciplinary teams that include a wide range of related specialists, all with deep empathy. This speeds recovery and lowers costs. Our team of medical professionals is the key to SFMMG’s successful treatment programs.

We characterize our practice as Full Spectrum because of the many care options available, which include: Orthopedic Medicine, Physiatry, Chiropractic, Acupuncture, Podiatry, Physical therapy, Functional Restoration Program, Qualified Medical Examiners and Function Capacity Evaluations.

Being able to offer appropriate, comprehensive and timely treatment in one place speeds recovery and reduces costs. At SFMMG our focus is sharp. We work with patients to help them restore function as soon as possible. Our clinicians are highly accessible so that information is readily available to facilitate treatment progression.

This approach ensures the best opportunity for patients to recover from their injuries and restore earning power quickly. Using progressive methods, including full and open communications, our services teach, motivate and inspire the progression of function.

San Francisco Multi•Specialty Group (SFMMG) standards of service and physicians are now located in San Francisco, Oakland, Fairfield, Santa Rosa, Vallejo, Pinole and Sacramento. We invite you to explore our website and see why so many patients and providers trust our expertise.

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