Functional Capacity Evaluation
Occupational Therapy Evaluations can be an important factor in the direction that the treating physician takes with the patient’s care. At San Francisco Multi-Specialty Medical Group (SFMMG), the full spectrum approach means providing services to enable the physician to facilitate cost effective, prompt care to the injured individual. We offer the following occupational therapy evaluations:


  • Functional Capacity Evaluations (2 hour, 4 hour,  6 hour, 8 hour, On-Site)
  • Brief Return to Work Evaluations 
  • Ergonomic Evaluations
  • Job Analysis Evaluations



Functional Capacity Evaluations (FCEs) are evaluations provide insight to the PTP (primary treating physician) for course of treatment relative to the injured workers reported symptoms and the subjective/objective findings. The Occupational Therapist’s conclusions from the FCE can assist in determining: 

  • Permanent Restrictions for patients that are approaching Permanent & Stationary (P&S) Status
  • Workers’ Compensation settlement
  • Disability Status 
  • Return to Work 
  • Work ability for vocational rehabilitation (i.e. work hardening programs) 


Depending on the line of work, the evaluations are generally 6-8 hours. A 6 hour evaluation is conducted for sedentary or light job descriptions as per position guidelines (i.e. Administrative Assistant); whereas, 8 hour evaluation is typically warranted for job descriptions of moderate to heavy per position guidelines (i.e. Police Officer/Fire Fighter). The 8 hour evaluation can be done in one day or can be split in two (2), four (4) hour segments. 


4 hour FCE evaluations are designed to be a shortened FCE. The therapist sees the individual and concentrates on transitioning the patient from modifications of duties to full duty without restrictions. The therapist hones in and focuses on the modifications presented, evaluating whether there are any parameters to improve the individual’s status enabling the individual to return to full duty (i.e. referral to work hardening/work conditioning programs). 


An abridged version of the FCE can be done in 2 hours. These are usually requested as pre-employment evaluations for prospective candidates.  


On-site FCEs are also available, but require a minimum of 4 hours evaluations



Brief Return to Work Evaluations are 90 minute evaluations, with a same day report. These are typically conducted for patients returning to full duty following a modification and are often at the request of the employer to ensure that the individual can safely return to work unrestricted.


Ergonomic Evaluations are a one-on-one evaluation conducted with the individual at the work place to prevent, reduce or eliminate work site pain and discomfort that has been identified at the work station. Reports are completed and forwarded within 2 business days. The individual’s supervisor is invited to attend the session and post evaluation training is provided. 



Job Analysis Evaluations are job analyses completed based on current job description. The reports are reviewed with the supervisor and are generic for the position, not the individual. 



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