Functional Restoration Program

The Functional Restoration Approach

Are you a patient, physician, adjuster or attorney who has experienced a plateau in finding effective and appropriate care for a patient? Has the patient exhausted conservative means of treatment? Have you considered a Functional Restoration Program?

A Functional Restoration Program, is a program built for Chronic Pain Patients who have not responded to the current conventional treatments. Our services are supported by the Medical Treatment Utilization Schedule (MTUS) guidelines for pain programs. Our approach is presented via group setting with tailored individualized care to provide the patient with socio interactions with others who experience the same difficulties, frustrations and traits of chronic pain with the benefit of individualized care to best manage their chronic pain lifestyle. Our goal is NOT to cure pain, but to effective manage pain in an everyday setting. We foster an environment where the patient can continue a lifestyle where pain exists, but is managed so they can be productive and live life.

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