Mental Health
At San Francisco Multi-Specialty Medical Group (SFMMG), we provide mental health services for injured workers with such claim parameters. On staff we have a Psychiatrist and Clinical Psychologist. Often times it is unclear what route to take with mental health treatment, at SFMMG we strive to help better understand which professional is better suited to handle individuals. Sometimes a patient’s care is best managed with a combination of skills and services from both a psychiatrist and psychologist (e.g. depression is best treated with a combination of anti-depressant medication and going psychotherapy). 

Psychiatrist vs. Clinical Psychologist 

  Psychiatrists treat individuals who…

  • Require medical maintenance with the use of controlled substances
  • Need medical psychiatric treatments 


          Psychologists treat individuals who…

  • Are in need of psychological testing to provide objective findings for an injury claim
  • Are seeking more intensive psychotherapy treatment including, cognitive behavioral therapy