Our Mission

The San Francisco Multi-Specialty Medical Group (SFMMG) was founded by a group of doctors and medical/legal professionals with a new idea – to build a practice that provides a full spectrum of specialty care to injured workers, while providing superior service to everyone involved in every case.

Building this practice required outside the box thinking, and the willingness to try new ideas in office management, communications, and multi-specialty integration. It also required a large investment in people, equipment, and knowledge. We know the result was worth the effort.

After months of planning, testing, and integration, SFMMG is able to offer what we believe is simply the best Workers’ Compensation care available in Northern California.

SFMMG has some of the top doctors, therapists, and staff people to make sure that every clinical experience is the best an injured worker can get. But we offer far more than that.

The foundation of our practice is optimized, collaborative communications.

That means that we waste less time waiting for reports and approvals. We deliver medical records and reports faster than other practices. We understand all aspects of the Workers’ Compensation system, and have developed our office systems to smoothly mesh with it.

Our people are trained to avoid common pitfalls, think on their feet, and make sure that the injured worker is cared for quickly and effectively, while minimizing costs for insurers, employers, and outside services.