Orthopedic Surgeons

At San Francisco Multi-Specialty Medical Group (SFMMG) we also have a team of orthopedic surgeons on staff to assess and direct your pain and injuries. In some cases where your symptoms may not be responding to preventative therapies or rehabilitation, the SFMMG team of orthopedic doctors will examine your injury.

SFMMG Orthopedics doctors focus on patient injuries to the musculoskeletal system, including spine, shoulder, knee, wrist and all joint injuries. Our team of Orthopedic physicians treat broken bones, joint problems, like arthritis, and degenerative conditions, like osteoporosis. SFMMG has experience treating  sports injuries and repetitive stress injuries that can occur on the job or in car accidents.

SFMMG Orthopedic doctors see many of patients for arthritis treatment and management, knee problems, for carpal tunnel and shoulder injuries or rotator cuff injuries. San Francisco Multi-Specialty Medical Group doctors also routinely perform arthroscopies, a minimally invasive procedure that explores hip, shoulder, or knee damage. Minor joint problems can be corrected during an arthroscopy, but more serious condition may require further surgery.

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