Workers Compensation

The 6 Core Competencies of Workers’ Compensation Care at SFMMG

Competent & Compassionate Care

Our doctors are the best available, and they really care about their patients. They, and all of our team, focus on each patient’s ability, not his disability. Our cross-disciplinary team of doctors are given the time to truly care for injured workers, and follow-up personally as treatment, therapy, and training progress. This compassionate care has a second benefit. Injured workers who receive better care return to work faster, and with a better attitude towards their work. Better care, faster functional restoration, reduced carrier costs, all come from SFMMG’s brand of competency and compassion.


SFMMG is powered by MedfoNet, the leading Workers’ Compensation connectivity system. This is just one way we carry out our pledge to maintain open, full, and complete communications with every party in every injury case. We make certain the injured worker understands her injury, our treatment of it, how to assist in her healing and prevent further injury, and the full prognosis for her recovery. Her employer, the insurance carrier, other doctors, attorneys, and other professional service providers will get all the information they need when they need it, making case management especially efficient. Open and full communications helps us to identify problems quickly and resolve them rapidly.

Coordination of Care and Consultants

Tight coordination ensures superior care and lower costs. Our full spectrum of care means that we employ in-house expertise and outside consultants to provide the highest levels of care. We rely on cross-disciplinary treatment protocols to ensure that we are using the most effective and properly-priced treatment, medication, or therapy. Our goal is to ensure top quality care, and so we demand constant communication and a high level of accountability.

Case Management

Our experienced in-house case management group is expected to optimize case handling so that injured workers get the care they deserve, and employers, payers, and insurance carriers receive the accountability and reasonable cost structure they deserve. We emphasize a team-oriented approach when involving outside case management professionals, to provide the information they need to accelerate injured workers’ return to work. SFMMG’s strong case management group knows how to use our superior communications and tracking capabilities to make sure no case "falls between the cracks" or is rushed through. We ensure that all legal and confidential requirements are met and all communications are timely. Strong case management is another way that SFMMG delivers the best in Workers’ Compensation care.

Claim Closure

Almost every injured worker would rather be back at work. And every employer needs their experienced people on the job, not in treatment. Our goal is to reduce dependency and improve return-to-work times. We work to restore as much functionality as possible to the injured worker, and provide timely and rateable P&S reports. We are patient advocates and understand the needs and goals of the Workers’ Compensation community.

Cost Containment

One of the results of our system is containing overall Workers’ Compensation costs. Time is money: every delay adds to the total case cost. Our tight focus and strong organization reduces costs in every area: employer, carrier, timely back-to-work . Our success will be based on demonstrated lower costs per claim than other practices, and will reflect our thorough understanding of the Workers’ Compensation process and requirements. The bottom line is the reduction of lost work days and restoration of as much functionality as possible.